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About this Survey

Thank you for taking time to complete this brief survey about your post-graduate job and/or further education or other plans and your career-related preparation activities while at UI. You may complete this survey prior to graduation or after graduation when your plans are set.

Why is your response so important?

  • Aggregated (group) information is reported to the State of Iowa as required by the Board of Regents to be compared to other state institutions’ results. Your personal information and your specific survey responses are confidential. To see what is reported, please go to: www.careers.uiowa.edu/outcomes.html.
  • The Career Center uses this data to track placement information every semester and to measure outcomes and compare it against other similar institutions.
  • The more feedback we receive from our graduates, the more accurate and useful the data, (e.g., starting salaries and hiring trends by major, career category, and geographic location) for current students, prospective students, and employers to make more informed decisions.
  • Additionally, our colleges/departments, faculty, students, prospective students and parents all have an interest in the placement success rate for graduates in their fields of study and the factors that assist in success.

Again, thank you for sharing your information with us. Congratulations, and good luck from the staff of the Pomerantz Career Center!

A Note on Accessibility

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Contact Information

If you need to contact us, we can be reached by phone at 319-335-1023, or email at careercenter@uiowa.edu.